Who doesn’t like a comfortable mattress?

That’s a silly question.

Everybody likes a comfortable mattress, but is your actually comfortable? If you are not pleased with the comfort of your mattress, you may want to take a look at the various mattress toppers that are available.

Dotty on the Mattress TopperThere are actually quite a few different types.

These mattress toppers all have one thing in common – they can take any mattress and add a certain extra degree of comfort. And they are all reasonably affordable. If you weigh the option of buying a mattress topper against buying a new mattress, the mattress topper is going to look more affordable by far.

A mattress topper isn’t going to solve the worst problems of the worst mattresses, but they can add a surprising amount of comfort.

A good example is one that I experienced myself recently. My wife had been bugging me to get a more comfortable bed. Well, as you may know, a comfortable bed can cost a lot of money. Our current mattress isn’t exactly horrible, but it has seen better days.

What we decided to do instead was to try out a mattress topper to see if it could enhance the comfort of our current mattress. What we found out was rather interesting. It worked, and it worked quite well. Adding the mattress topper did turn out to be a great option – we were surprised with the amount of comfort it added to our “blah” bed. We went for a 3 inch thick mattress topper, since we wanted to make sure we had a good amount of new cushioning on top of our mattress.

Read our reviews to learn more about some of the more popular models that have the happiest owners. You don’t want to make a mistake and buy the wrong type of mattress topper.

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