Pressure Point Relief and the Comfort Index

I ran across this today, the Pressure Relief Index. It’s interesting to read through quickly, and their chart shows us a couple things. I like how they outline how different materials provide different sorts of relief for pressure points. It’s really no secret that pressure points are what cause you to toss and turn at […]

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Why Are Mattress Toppers Becoming So Popular?

It seems just a few years ago there really wasn’t that much of a market for mattress toppers, and I ran across a good article that explains a lot of the reasons for the new popularity of mattress toppers in the last few years. Many of the reasons cited boil down to the following: People […]

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2 Kinds of Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Memory Foam Mattress Topper could in most cases be a very effective idea in the event that you already own a very good quality mattress. The topper will give you added layer of comfort and support and also aid in enhancing your sleep from the extra comfort. Below are two kinds of Memory Foam Topper […]

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Why to Choose a Foam Topper for a Mattress

Memory foam was developed during the 1960s and the intention was for it to better the security of plane pillows, however similar to a large number of innovations by NASA researchers immediately discovered the chances of this unique product so it began to generated and be made use of mattress toppers and mattresses. Memory foam […]

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