Comparison: The Pike Street Microplush Topper vs. The Sleep Studio ViscO2 Topper

I have slept on both the Pike Street Microplush mattress topper as well as the Sleep Studio ViscO2 topper. They are both pretty nice in their own ways, and I will go over the differences here for you.

Pike Street Microplush Mattress PadThe Pike Street topper is a quilted mattress topper that adds an extra layer of softness to the top of your bed.

It’s not as thick as the ViscO2 topper, but it is soft and does add comfort. It’s very light and fluffy. And it can be machine washed, which is pretty nice.

The Pike Street topper feels more like a bed spread – you install it by wrapping it’s elastic edges down around the sides of the bed. It’s easy to take on or off the bed just like any other bedding. And it’s easy to roll up or fold up for packing into smaller areas, it doesn’t take up much space when it’s it storage.

Sleep Studio 3-Inch ViscO2 - Corner ShotThe Sleep Studio ViscO2 topper is a memory foam mattress topper and it is much heavier and thicker than the Pike Street topper. It gets delivered in a small roll about the size of a rolled-up sleeping bag. But when you unroll it, it decompresses into a pretty big piece of memory foam.

It’s heavy in an awkward way (I have the king size) and I’m not sure exactly how I would store it if I took it off the bed.

The ViscO2 topper is a big slab of memory foam that just lays on the top of the bed. It’s heavy enough to not move unless your bed goes through a lot of vigorous activity.

My opinion is that I like the ViscO2 topper more than the Pike Street. It’s about twice the cost, though. So I’m paying for the improvement in comfort.

When I lay on the ViscO2 topper, I sink in and feel very comfortable. It takes away many of the stress points that were in my mattress and it prevents me from tossing and turning as much as I used to.

When I lay on the Pike Street topper, I don’t get that same “sinking in” feeling. But at the same time the Pike Street topper does add comfort to the bed and it is definitely better than not using it at all.

My recommendation would be to get the ViscO2 topper if you can afford it. I think you’ll be much more happy with that one.

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