Do Memory Foam Toppers Have an Odor When First Unwrapped?

I have seen comments regarding some memory foam mattress toppers having a particular odor or smell to them when they are first removed from the packaging and unrolled.

Is this a problem? Is it common? Is it something you should be concerned about if you want to get a memory foam topper?

Sleep Studio 3-Inch ViscO2 - HoldingThe ViscO2 Didn’t Seem to Have Much of an Odor

When I recently purchased a Sleep Studio ViscO2 mattress topper for my king size mattress, I was expecting it to have a certain odor or smell, based on some of the comments I had read about the topper.

However, I also was going with the understanding that even if the topper had an odor, that it would go away after a couple days at most.

I had even told my wife my big plan for when the topper arrived. I was going to “put it in the garage, unroll it out there, and let it sit for a couple days” because “there might be an odor, at least that’s what I’ve heard”.

Well, when we received the topper, we unpacked it in the house and realized it didn’t really have an odor at all. So we just unrolled it and let it decompress, which we also thought was going to take a while (it didn’t), and then put it on the bed that same night. We never noticed an odor on this one.

Odors Are Due To Chemicals

Check out this instance of a topper that had an odor. This one was due to chemicals in the topper. I know that some toppers out there do have this problem, so it’s good to check reviews before committing to purchasing.

Higher quality toppers generally aren’t going to have chemical issues. Just make sure to keep an eye out for certain brand reputations, and stay away from something if it looks shady.

A good example of a manufacturer directly addressing chemical odor reactions from buyers is Sleep Studio, with their release of the ViscoFresh line of toppers. They specifically tout these toppers as not having odor issues

What To Do?

We recommend that you analyze buyer reactions to memory foam toppers before purchasing. It’s pretty easy to see if a topper has certain odor issues, due to chemicals or otherwise. And some are more serious than others.

Sticking with good brands and avoiding cheap knock-offs can also minimize risk.

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