I Tried A Couple Different Types of Mattress Toppers

Quilted Mattress TopperWhen I decided that I wanted to get a new mattress topper for my bed, I couldn’t make up my mind as to what type of topper that I wanted to get.

I asked my husband if he had any preference, but he was actually just kind of indifferent. He just told me that I should get whatever I thought would be the most comfortable.

I still could not make up my mind though. So I bought two.

A memory foam mattress topper and a quilted topper. I wanted to see what both of them felt like.

After I ordered them they actually showed up at quite different times. I got the quilted topper in about 3 days, which was pretty quick. I got the memory foam on about day 5 after ordering.

Because of that, I tried the quilted topper first. It was really nice. It was easy to put on the bed, and I was sleeping on it the night after I got it delivered. My husband liked it too, he said the next morning that he really didn’t want to get out of bed, which is rare. I could tell a difference too, it was just a lot more soft now. Noticeably soft. Very much so, it was nice compared to not having the topper on the bed.

After about a week we put the memory foam topper on the bed to try it. It was pretty nice too, we didn’t really have any complaints. It slept really nicely. We slept on it just as good as we slept on the other topper. It was different though, a different type of sleeping experience. We actually did like the softness and puffy feeling of the quilted topper a little better. It just felt more comfortable to us.

We didn’t get rid of the memory foam one though, we put it on the guest bed. It’s the same size as our bed, so it was an easy decision.

As a matter of fact, my sister stayed at our house after we had put the memory foam topper on the guest bed, and she commented on how the bed felt different, but more comfortable. She didn’t know what we had added to the top of the bed, so it was interesting to hear that she noticed the bed was more comfortable. We did tell her that there was a topper on the bed, and she said she liked it and might check into getting one for herself now that she knew about these things.

We have since used the quilted topper on our bed, and it’s very comfortable. We like it quite a bit and can’t imagine having our bed without the topper. It just wouldn’t be the same.

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