Review: Iso Cool Memory Foam Mattress Pad with Outlast Cover (3″)

ISO Cool Memory Foam Mattress PadThe Iso Cool Memory Foam Mattress Pad responds to the pressure created by your body. It forms to your body’s contours, distributing body weight evenly, offering more body and spine support.

This results in a better night’s sleep. Regular mattresses are not designed well enough to offer this kind of support.

Many people suffer from chronic back pain, a condition that can be made worse at night. The Memory Foam Mattress Pad claims to support your back and to help alleviate pain.

The Iso Cool technological design makes for a mattress that always feels cool.


  • This mattress pad is made with three inch thick memory foam.
  • The cover is 100% cotton and made with a quilted 300 thread count.
  • Skirt is made out of spandex and can fit a mattress up to 20 inches.
  • The cover is easily cleaned in a washing machine.
  • Also made with Outlast Adaptive material that changes with your body temperature to stay cool and improve sleep comfort.
  • Comes in full, queen, and king sizes.
  • Covered by a five year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Reviews

Reviews for the Iso Cool Memory Foam Mattress Pad have so far been very positive. Several of the most positive comments have come from people who have undergone spinal surgery. These reviewers reported a difference in their sleep patterns right away thank to this mattress pad. It takes some time to set up and put into place, but this was not a problem for these people, even considering the surgery. People with sciatica and hip problems also expressed that this mattress pad provides relief, causing them to actually look forward to sleeping at night.

People who were not able to sleep through the night no now longer have that problem, according to these reviews. The Iso Cool technology also received rave reviews. Several people stated that they are able to stay cooler in bed a night on this mattress pad.

Some of the worst reviews have the same complaint. They state that not only does this mattress not keep them cool at night, it actually makes them hotter. This is a very common theme that runs through to some of the positive comments as well. At least one reviewer chose to remove the memory foam, which resulted in a cooler night’s sleep.

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Setting this pas up can be a bit confusing. It needs to be aired out to remove the chemical smell that is sealed in to it when it is packaged for shipment. Once out of the package, do not try to stretch it out to fit it to the bed. Lay it out on the bed and leave it for a few hours. It will gradually stretch itself out on its own.

This is a highly recommended mattress pad. There is some question as to the effectiveness of the Iso Cool technology, but the memory foam padding is fantastic. This pad might fall short on its claim of keeping you cool at night, but it definitely provides the pain relief that it promises.

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