Review: Pinzon Mattress Rejuvenator System

Pinzon Mattress Rejuvenator System 2You can revive your old tired mattress with the Pinzon Mattress Rejuvenator System. This feather bed and topper go on top of your old mattress.

The feather bed provides comfort and support. The mattress topper protects the delicate feather bed and provides an additional layer of support.

All of this comfort and support means a better night’s sleep. The topper is protected with a stain repellant that causes spilled liquids to bead up and roll off. It can be cleaned in the washing machine with cold water and a mild detergent.

Available sizes include twin, full, queen, king, and California king.


  • The plush feather bed is filled only with feathers, with a baffle-box build that keeps the feathers from moving around.
  • Feather bed is protected by the polyester filled 300-thread count mattress topper that securely attaches to the feather bed with corner snaps. The topper includes a stain repellant to help keep it clean.
  • 18-inch skirt wraps around the mattress and the topper for a uniform appearance.
  • Mattress topper is machine washable. Feather bed is dry clean only.
  • From California King size down to twin size is the range of sizes for this mattress rejuvenator system.

The Reviews

This mattress topper system is very highly rated with almost no negative reviews. One reviewer complained that the feather bed and mattress both began to fall apart after only four months. The mattress topper had formed a dent in the middle. The feather bed was falling apart completely, with feathers shifting around and sticking out. Another reviewer complained that their topper was constantly slipping off. Some of the positive comments also mentioned that the topper needs to be adjusted from time to time.

Pinzon Mattress Rejuvenator System 1

Other than that, the other reviews for the Pinzon Mattress Rejuvenator System have all been very positive. Commenters report that the system makes old beds feel new again. The feather bed doesn’t act like a typical feather bed. One person worried about allergies reports no such problems. Other comments indicate that, contrary to one of the negative reviews, the feather quills do not stick out.

The positive comments indicate that the topper regains its shape quickly, unlike others that can quickly wear out forming a large dent where the person sleeps. The fact that it is machine washable was also a joy to most. This is not a true feather bed, but rather an ultra-comfortable mattress topper that offers both support and comfort.

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The Pinzon Mattress Rejuvenator System is very highly recommended by those that have reviewed it on line. With virtually no negative reviews, this system is a sure winner. It makes old beds look and feel like new. It is very comfortable, although not exactly like a feather bed, and also provides much needed support to help people sleep through the night. The topper has a tendency to slip, so it will need to be adjusted depending on how much you move around in your sleep. Today many different products on the market claim they help people to get a better night’s sleep. This topper system will at least make your bed more comfortable and give you more support at night.

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