Review: Sleep Better Extra Firm Mattress Topper (3″)

Sleep Better Extra Firm Mattress Topper 3 inchThe Sleep Better 3″ Extra Firm Mattress Topper is a needed alternative for aging and deteriorating mattresses that have provided a great service, but has lost the ability to give you a good night’s rest.

There is no need to replace the mattress and to spend a fortune. You simply need to look at a product that can enhance the comfort of your mattress.

The answer comes in the form of a foam topper. In this day and age of wasted resources, foam toppers provide the alternative of throwing away a functioning, but worn mattress.

This foam topper is flexible and will complement any surface level that needs comfort levels adjusted. This product comes in two levels of support: firm or extra-firm.


  • Mattress topper that offers 3 inches of extra-firm comfort and support.
  • Made from 100% foam. It needs only to be spot cleaned.
  • Provides an enhanced level of comfort to an already functioning but worn down mattress.
  • Up to 1-4/49 pounds of density per cubic foot.
  • Dimensions of the topper are 60 x 80 x 3 inches.

The Reviews

The Sleep Better 3″ Extra Firm Mattress Topper was reviewed by 62 customers. Overall, it got some good comments and feedback. This mattress was especially liked by people looking not only for comfort but firmness as well. One reviewer said that it was awesome and after how many uses, still found the topper to remain firm and because of this you don’t feel the usual pressure points.

Several complaints were found by people looking for a really soft topper. If that is what you are looking for, then you might be disappointed with the product. Many liked the price paid for the topper. You really can delay a needed mattress replacement by enhancing it with this foam topper. This is not one of the ultra fancy models, it’s simple and it does exactly what is advertised on the website. One reviewer did suggest putting a separate sheet on top of it and then a mattress cover to cover both the topper and the mattress. If you do this, it will extend its life.

Many reviewers liked the fact that it helped relieve back pain. One user and his wife had invested in a soft mattress and since that time had experienced back pains. His first impression of the topper was that it looked odd, but when he started using it noticed that the pains in his back had completely gone away. The price is what got many reviewers to seriously look at it. If it didn’t match up with what was advertised, not much would be lost. So far, it is meeting most people’s expectations and in many cases, is exceeding it.

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In general, many people love the mattress for the quality of sleep they receive when they invest in this product. It’s never easy having to make a decision to buy a new mattress or invest in a mattress enhancer. Many people that had made the initial investment were happy that they did. Some wonder why they didn’t do it sooner because it would have saved them hundreds of hours of sleepless nights.

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