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Pressure Point Relief and the Comfort Index

I ran across this today, the Pressure Relief Index. It’s interesting to read through quickly, and their chart shows us a couple things. I like how they outline how different materials provide different sorts of relief for pressure points. It’s really no secret that pressure points are what cause you to toss and turn at […]

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Why to Choose a Foam Topper for a Mattress

Memory foam was developed during the 1960s and the intention was for it to better the security of plane pillows, however similar to a large number of innovations by NASA researchers immediately discovered the chances of this unique product so it began to generated and be made use of mattress toppers and mattresses. Memory foam […]

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Memory Foam Density: What You Need To Know

If you have been looking at the different memory foam mattress toppers that are out there, you have probably noticed that each has a certain density that they are rated at. I will give you a quick overview of a few things to think about when looking at the density of various memory foam products […]

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Do Memory Foam Mattress Toppers Sleep Hot?

Question: I’ve heard that memory foam can get warm or hot when I sleep on it, is this true? Answer: One of the common comments about some of the memory foam mattresses, and mattress toppers, is that they can get warm or even hot while you sleep on them. This could have been more common […]

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Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews

We have recently looked at the details of several mattress toppers and have compiled these memory foam mattress topper reviews. Sleep Studio Memory Foam Mattress Toppers We reviewed a couple different memory foam toppers made by sleep studio. These toppers add extra comfort to your bed with a memory foam material that is environmentally friendly. […]

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