What’s It Like Sleeping On A Mattress Topper Vs Not?

Before I had added a mattress topper to my mattress, I wondered if it was going to really feel any different. Of course some people might have other reactions, but here are my reactions to the types of mattress toppers that I’ve slept on.

First, I should describe my mattress. It’s a somewhat firm mattress. The integrity of the mattress isn’t really failing yet, it’s got pretty good support. But it can feel kind of “hard” when you’re sleeping on it.

The Quilted Topper

So I tried a couple different types of toppers. The first one was a quilted topper. It was pretty nice, and it made the top of the bed noticeably softer. It wasn’t really a “sink in” softer, but it was a little better. It didn’t really change the way that I slept on the bed though, even though it was probably a little more comfortable. I still tossed and turned a bit, and could lay one way for a long time without having to roll around and adjust.

The Memory Foam Topper

The second type of topper I tried was a memory foam topper. It was three inches thick, so it was quite a bit thicker than the quilted topper. The first time I ever tried sleeping on this new topper it was quite a big difference from just sleeping on my mattress or the other quilted topper. I actually sunk down into this thing, and it seemed like I could lay on my side for a longer time without having to toss and turn.

Of course the real test was going to be when I slept on it for an entire night. It took a couple night for me to be able to tell for sure, but I could tell that I was getting better sleep. I just didn’t really wake up as much during the night, and would break out of a deeper sleep sometimes in the morning, more than I was used to.

I knew that was going to be the topper that I was going to continue to use, it seemed to complement my mattress better than the first one that I tried.

I liked sleeping on the topper, once I found the right one. I think that any person might need to experiment a bit, but you’ll know when you have the right one. You’ll just sleep better. That’s how I found out. And I like sleeping with this topper now, it adds a lot of cushion that my bed didn’t have before, it’s a nice change of pace.

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