Why Are Mattress Toppers Becoming So Popular?

It seems just a few years ago there really wasn’t that much of a market for mattress toppers, and I ran across a good article that explains a lot of the reasons for the new popularity of mattress toppers in the last few years.

Many of the reasons cited boil down to the following:

  • People want to be able to customize without spending a lot of money (this is true for many things, not just mattresses)
  • The economic downturn has encouraged people to want to spend less, obviously, and upgrading a mattress through the use of a topper is much cheaper than buying a new mattress
  • New mattress owners will sometimes buy toppers to “tweak” the comfort of a bed.

Taking a look at those three points gets me thinking a little bit. The customization point being the first. I like to customize. I’ve customized my car. I’ve customized my drum kit. I’ve customized my bike. There’s always ways to upgrade and change things to fit your specific needs (or wants). This is the same thing, but applied to beds. Now you can tweak and customize the comfort of an existing mattress like never before, through the use of these toppers.

Saving money is always on the minds of consumers. People don’t like to spend more money than they need to, in general, and they like to get a good deal. Saving money by customizing your current mattress with a topper instead of buying a new one can satisfy both the customization and money-saving needs.

Which brings us to that last point – whether you are trying to save money or not, you could possibly just wanting to tweak the comfort of a mattress you just spent a lot of money on. Let’s say that you just bought a new mattress, it felt great in the store and you fell in love with it and had one shipped to your home. But now that you’ve slept on it for a few nights you are realizing it’s a little hard. If you don’t want to return it, you could just tweak the comfort level and make it softer by buying a topper that adds some softness.

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